Vacationing in West Palm Beach, Florida – One Girl’s Story

Fellowships at our church were the extent of our social activities. My brothers and sisters were avid 4-H members and our daily schedules included helping with farm chores. We rarely got into trouble because we had very little time for ourselves. We couldn’t even find the time for excursion to the larger city even if it was a mere twenty five minutes away. We studied at the local community school. In high school, I was best friends with a girl from a nearby farm. Inasmuch as we were going to attend the same college, we decided to room together. palm beach

We were in for a big surprise when my friend and I started college. There was so much freedom we weren’t used to. Thus, we needed to make a lot of adjustments. We saw how one of our friends dropped out of school because she was drinking and partying more than she was studying. We didn’t want to be like her as we were aware of the difficulties our parents had to go through so they could pay for our education. We were not letting them down. Many of our new friends encouraged us to go on a spring break to Florida. I asked my mother about this and she advised me to take the opportunity during the break to visit her older sister in West Palm Beach, Florida who always welcomes visits from her relatives. My mom phoned my aunt to make arrangements so my friend and I could spend sometime with her. We knew then that the last thing our friends would like to do is spend spring break with an elderly aunt even if it were in West Palm Beach, Florida. But then we thought it would be a neat idea anyway as we could get away from school and still go to Florida.

My friend and I hadn’t flown before and we found it pretty exciting. There was no direct flight to West Palm Beach, Florida from Minneapolis so we had to change aircraft when we reached Chicago. It was a long walk trying to get from one gate to the next and we spent some 20 minutes trying to make it to our connecting flight. Even now as I think back at how inexperienced we were about traveling by air, I couldn’t believe how we managed to make the connection. When we deplaned, we were happy to see that my aunt waiting for us. She proudly showed us her home and introduced us to her friends in West Palm Beach, Florida. West Palm Beach, Florida is a wonderful city; we enjoyed exploring it. What’s more, my aunt’s home was a mere two blocks away from a great public beach. My friend and I spent as much time as we could on the beach. We even managed to take a bus tour to Disney World for two fun-filled days. I love my aunt; she went out of her way to make sure we enjoyed our stay. It was not as wild and crazy as our friends would have it but at least I can truthfully say that I spent a spring break at West Palm Beach, Florida.

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