Slimline Dishwashers

Slimline dishwashers are a boon for people who want to accommodate a dishwasher in a small place, as these are compact in size.

These dishwashers are available in two varieties, namely, free standing and integrated. Whereas, free standing dishwashers can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, the integrated dishwashers can be hidden behind a cabinet door.

Within slimline integrated dishwashers, there are  Vaatwasser three types, namely, fully integrated dishwashers, semi integrated dishwashers and built in dishwashers.

The difference between a fully integrated slimline dishwasher and a semi integrated slimline dishwasher is that the fully integrated dishwasher can be kept inside a full sized cabinet door, and the control panel is attached on the cabinet door. The advantage of these dishwashers is that it remains completely hidden in the kitchen and you can maintain uniformity in kitchen décor.

Semi integrated dishwashers are partially covered by the cabinet door. The control panel will be visible from the top.

Built in dishwashers are fitted in the top cabinet preferably next to the sink as it will need hot water inlet as well as outlet in the sink. These are as small as 24 inches. The price of built in dishwashers could vary from $300 to $1200.

What to look in for while buying a slimline dishwasher?

There are several models of dishwashers available in the market. Before you set out to buy a dishwasher, you need to fix your budget as these are available in a wide price bracket. Based on the budget, your dishwasher should have most of the below mentioned features:

· Based on the performance of energy, washing and drying, the dishwashers are rated from A to G. A dishwasher with A on all the three counts is considered the best dishwasher.

· Certain dishwashers use steam for its functions. These save water and are environment friendly.

· A dishwasher which has alternate water spray uses water optimally, and save on water bills.

· Select the size of the dishwasher based on washing requirements. You will need a bigger dishwasher to wash larger plates.

· Portable dishwashers are cheaper, but these are not as durable as the rest of the dishwashers.

· You need to look at the warranty offered by various brands.

· Check whether the components of the dishwasher that you are choosing are easily available in the market.

· It is better to opt for a renowned brand, as even if they stop manufacturing a particular model of dishwasher, you will still get the spares. Generally, good brands tend to have sales and service centers, so you need not worry in case you have a technical problem with the dishwasher.

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