I’ve Had a Hair Transplant – How to Break the News

For many men, hair loss is a sensitive issue and one associated with the perceived loss of virility and manliness and one many men will go to great lengths to cover up (literally), with hats, wigs, toupees, hair pieces, etc.

Many men would rather lose their jobs than lose their hair.

As the techniques and technology improve in the hair restoration field, many more men opt to have a hair transplant, the only permanent solution to hair loss.

Celebrities such as Elton John, Nicholas Cage, and Sylvester Stallone have all publicly confessed to having a hair transplant.

While you may look younger, more rested, or happier, chances are people may not recognize that your new look is due to your new head of hair.

So, Miss Manners, how do you break the news that you’ve had a hair transplant?

If you are a celebrity, you may Tweet it, announce it on your Facebook fan page, or be outed by TMZ, but if you are a regular person and have had good results that you are proud of, you may be excited to share your good news with family and friends.

According to the BBC News Magazine, in 2004 former Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi was subject to public humiliation in the Italian media after appearing in public with a white bandana, leading to speculation that he had undergone hair transplant surgery.

Berlusconi later admitted to it, saying it made him feel 25 years younger and that cosmetic surgery is a way to show respect to loved ones.

Many men may be reticent to admit to a hair transplant and to the vanity implied in caring so much about their looks.

On the other hand, John, 28, a lawyer in South Florida has been gradually losing his hair since his early 20s. He underwent a hair transplant at the urging of a good friend who had done it the previous year.

Says John, “I’m not embarrassed to admit I’ve had a hair transplant. It’s been on my mind for the past 8 years. No 28-year old guy wants to be bald. It makes you look older than your age. I had very good results and now, almost a year later, I’ve got good density on the crown and a lower, more natural-looking hairline, which frames my face and enhances my looks.”

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