How I Learned About Fashion Trends – Ramptostore Review

Yesterday I was searching for fashion trends. Google directed me to the website and it is an amazing fashion resource! So far I have been very pleased with the fashion content it has to offer. Not only does Ramp to Store feature the latest in fashion trends, it also lists the styles from previous years as well. It’s fun to look back at what was “in” a couple of years ago trends for all seasons!

My favorite aspect of this website is that I can look at the hottest trends in jewelry, makeup, hair, clothes, dresses, shoes, swimsuits, etc., for nearly every season. Instead of looking up what is in style for each of these items, I can find it all at Ramp to Store. I love how this website provides a color palette for each season; for example, I know that for fall of 2008, purple is the most popular color. Another fun feature on Ramp to Store is the wedding and prom dress sections. I am able to browse the newest and most fashionable styles of dresses for special occasions.

This website is always up-to-date and it is also the first place I check to see what the latest fashions are for the new season. The pictures on this site are so helpful and give me great ideas. Oftentimes, there are celebrity picture examples on Ramp to Store as well. I like to visit the makeup section of the website for tips and suggestions on what colors are best for the current season. I’ve also found that, in some articles on Ramp to Store, there are suggestions on what not to wear! This has been quite helpful when picking out my outfits. Although it would seem that hair and jewelry wouldn’t change that often, I’ve learned that each season brings about slightly new and fresh ideas. Even if the change is small, I like to be updated on the latest trend. Since first learning about this website, I have referred my friends and sisters here as well and they enjoy it as much as me. I am glad that I have Ramp to Store to browse for the most popular trends each season.

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