Bamboo Screens, Trellises And Fencing For Your Garden

Privacy aside, there are many reasons that a bamboo fence may be the a good option for your backyard. Bamboo fencing adds a sustainable feature to your garden and is (in my opinion) more beautiful than regular backyard fencing.

In case you live in an area prone to bad weather, bamboo is actually a strong and durable choice to help shield your yard from powerful winds. You are able to purchase bamboo fencing at a neighborhood nursery or home improvement store or plant your own bamboo border! Just make sure you have the patience and time to wait a number of years for the bamboo plants to reach full height and form an efficient barrier.

If fencing isn’t what you’re looking for, contemplate adding bamboo as a border along a garden pathway or flower bed. Try making use of the dark brown moso bamboo in random sizes from 6 to 12 inches high. This edging is also available at nurseries or in case you are creating your own, simply drill holes on each side of the bamboo and connect with galvanized wire. Unlike other borders offered (whether plastic or metal), this border helps keep grass at bay and away from your walkway or the rest of your garden.

If you are starting a second round of vegetable planting, now’s the time to add a bamboo tomato cage or bamboo pepper support. Bamboo poles also make an exceptional stake for your bean plants in the form of a tepee. Take three pieces about 6 – 7 feet long and tie them at the top with some twine. Ensure that you’re planting pole beans though. If there are no beans in the garden, use the tepee for peas!

Bamboo screens are a beautiful and practical addition to your garden also as a bamboo trellis! The lattice panels of the trellis are ideal for climbing vines for example clematis, morning glories and sweet peas. Or, in our garden, we use the trellis for our climbing roses. Slightly more complex to build, many may possibly find it less difficult to check out a nearby nursery for the sustainable bamboo product.

If your garden is suffering from this extreme heat wave or the hail from all of the thunderstorms rolling across the country, it may well be time for a bamboo shade screen. I’m building one next week to see if my next round of vegetable plantings can survive this Southern heat

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