4 Tips For Estimating Painting Jobs Like a Pro – Part 2

Here are some more tips and knowledge I have acquired over the years doing painting estimates that may be of help to you…

1.) When To Increase The Price Of A Painting Estimate

I normally never ask for more money after I give a painting estimate. When I give someone a bid on a job I stick to it. The only exception is when the customer adds more work or changes colors or the sheen level unexpectedly. Then I say, “This is going to increase your labor.” If they agree to it everything is a go.

It is up to the painter to know the cost of everything. But there are exceptions. Sometimes I need to use a different estimating system to compensate for harder to estimate jobs but most of the time I know with accuracy how much a job will cost.

2.) 4 Tips for Estimating Commercial Painting Jobs

When estimating bigger commercial painting jobs you want to remember that…

a.) The work will be more challenging than smaller commercial or residential jobs so keep your prices at a professional and competitive level.

b.) The larger businesses or companies usually have deep pockets compared to residential so don’t be afraid to charge more.

c.) Plus if you bid lower they may think your work is not very good.

d.) Also, if they have more work for you later on it will be harder to raise your prices so consider these factors.

3.) The Best Way To Estimate Interior Painting Jobs

The best way to estimate interior painting jobs is to have an estimating “system” that can cross-check your numbers. This is especially helpful when there is excessive woodwork. Or things like rooms with a lot of shelving or a lot of doors and detailed trim or crown molding or fireplaces, etc.

Or there may be excessive prep work involved. Either way, just as you were taught to check your math in grade school, checking your estimates by having several estimating systems in place guarantees you did the estimate right and that you won’t eat a really good job.

4.) How To Have Confidence Estimating Interior Painting Jobs

I just gave an estimate for a high ceiling in a church auditorium recently that was quite expensive even though it could be done in a week. I won’t sweat over the price though because I know the factors involved in doing the work and so my price is justified.

That’s the nice thing about having confidence in estimating interior painting jobs. When you know HOW to estimate and WHY it will cost what it will you won’t walk away worried that you might not get the job. You won’t want that job if there’s no money in it.

One More Tip: On smaller estimates I will figure them right on the job and submit them to the customer right at their kitchen table. But when I do really large estimates that take a lot of time to figure out I take them home so I can take my time getting them right. And then I will mail them to the customer or meet with them in person.

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