Sainte Maxime – ‘The’ Place to Stay on the French Riviera

Every tourist who comes to the French Riviera remains mesmerised by its beauty, opulence, culture, lifestyle and the combination of pristine nature and modern marvels. Most end up extending their stay by quite a few days, if not weeks, and still others choose to make it a permanent residence one way or the other. If you’ve also found yourself entertaining such a thought, then you want to take a look at some of the property for sale in Ste. Maxime.

If you’ve spent a few heady nights living the good life in St. Tropez, you can’t escape the temptation of lazy days in the quiet town of Ste.. It gives you the same¬† Steigercentrum steigeraanhanger met steiger¬†long white sandy beaches of the Tropez, but without the hordes of tourists on celeb-watch; the same cobbled streets lined however, with tiny shops selling local products instead of shopping plazas, and the same balmy weather but to enjoy at your own pace. Sheltered by the Maures mountains, Sainte Maxime is also a great place for biking and hiking and offers many other adventure sports. If you wanted to enjoy all these offerings in a quietly luxurious way, then the best way is to invest in a Sainte Maxime property.

The collection of Ste. Maxime properties is quite extensive, and suitable for anyone’s requirements. You can opt for villas, apartments, townhouses or undeveloped property, depending on your priorities and what can make your stay pleasant in Sainte Maxime. For instance, an apartment is perfect for single travellers who like their ‘space’ on a holiday; a villa is great for a grand family vacation while undeveloped property is perfect for those who like their privacy, and are very particular about their choices. Ste. Maxime properties can fulfil all these requirements and much more.

However, if you’re truly interested in a great real estate investment, then Ste. Maxime has a great collection of elegant period properties – townhouses and villas built in early Provencal styles but maintained and restored with all the modern facilities we need. These period properties are sure to be a delight to those looking at living it up in Ste. Maxime, in true French style. Along with impressive architecture, and aesthetic appeal, period property for sale in Ste. Maxime comes well fitted out for a comfortable stay, with fully-functional kitchens, garages, modern heating and plumbing, and in many cases swimming pools, tennis courts, landscaped gardens and lawns. In short, finding a period property in Ste. Maxime to take your breath away is not difficult, but choosing one may be!

To make this choice easy and rewarding, we suggest engaging the expertise of a real estate agency that is experienced with period property selling and buying. A reputed agency operating in Ste. Maxime will be able to guide you throughout the decision making and transaction process, ensuring your investment is secure and fruitful. When required, it will also help you secure finance and provide legal assistance. With all this, you can be assured of a great time in Sainte Maxime, every time.

Property for Sale Sainte Maxime – Agence Bird offers a prestigious range of townhouses and beautiful period property for sale in Sainte Maxime

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