Our Top 38 Political Agenda

(A series of modest proposals)

“The art of politics is to make the impossible, possible.”


1. To re-instill an atmosphere of peace and tranquility throughout the land.

2. To enforce all of the laws uniformly on all Americans and to provide sufficient means for legal redress of grievances.

3. To strengthen and train our law enforcement officers and our military to adapt to 21st century realities.

4. To bring known conspirators, traitors, and criminal leaders to justice.

5. To stop all forms of domestic, foreign, and international terrorism.

6. To abolish all forms of sex trafficking, human trafficking, and child labor in the United States.


7. To reform all governments- (RE: Government Streamlining, Accountability, Cost-Efficiencies, & Performance Metrics)

a. Governments can and should adopt the practices and policies of the private business sector to the extent feasible. This includes the concepts and techniques of marketing, sales, customer service, advertising, human resources, inventory control, property management, capital (long-term) planning and budgeting, finance, and investments.

b. All too often individual agencies have overlapping responsibilities, entrenched bureaucrats, and underutilized employees. For this reason, similar agencies must be combined, intransigent agency heads must be replaced, and redundant employees let go.

c. A market analysis and cost-benefit study must be conducted before the roll-out of a government funded program; and throughout the life of the program customer satisfaction surveys must be done. Programs where demand has dramatically shrunk, when the satisfaction and expectations of the program’s participants are not being met, or when the costs far exceed the benefits will either be redesigned or scrapped.

1) Every effort will be made to transition the participants of a defunded program to a comparable funded program.

d. Performance metrics for all departments, divisions, agencies, bureaus, and staff can and should be implemented. Even the most esoteric social services program can be evaluated against a set of performance metrics. Annual, semi-annual, or quarterly performance reviews can and should be completed by and for all departments, divisions, agencies, bureaus, and employees by the immediate overseeing supervisor. This measure of accountability will be applied to the lowest grade worker up to the Cabinet level. All government workers, including political appointees, can and will be fired if they fail 3 performance reviews in a year.

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