When you need a video job done

When you need a video job done and you have a good camera sitting somewhere in the building, it is a big temptation to start doing it yourself. It would save you a lot of money, maybe some time and it will say exactly what you want with images that you take and show in your own way. It would be, apparently, the perfect solution when you are dealing with a limited budget. However, before you embark on such a venture, answer a few easy questions:

1. Do you know the script-to-screen process?

2. Have you invested in professional video cameras and professional audio tools?

3. Do you know how to turn your day-to-day business matters into compelling stories for your audience?

4. Can you spend hours of your own time experimenting and learning all of the above without neglecting your business?

If the answer to just one of these questions is no, you should think twice about doing it yourself or giving the challenge to a colleague. Remember that cheap things might cost a lot more in the long run. To make a video that looks professional you need professional tools, at least. And when you want it to stand out against the thousands of corporate videos that flood the media right now, you need not only a great camera, but also a great team of people who possess the know-how and the talent to make it real.

A videographer adds passion to your Videos

To take an idea from the script to the screen takes lots of hard work. It means that the person who is going to direct the whole enterprise needs to know your business very well and is able to imagine the best way to transmit the essence of it to an audience. For that they have to decide what the perfect genre or style would be that matches with your vision and mission, and then sit down to write a script that takes all the elements into account. The production team will then shoot it in the right locations, with the appropriate people, taking care of the sound and stage. When it is all ready, they will spend hours in the post-production room, editing, adding special effects or moving graphics that are needed to make it perfectly self-explanatory, attractive, moving and direct.


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