How Do I Key Word My Online Articles – What Do the SEOs Know That I Don’t?

Some online article authors do not seem to get the level of traffic they had hoped for in their online article writing and article authoring efforts. This is most likely due to the low volume or number of articles they have written. Often, such online article authors will say; “I have written quality articles and carefully key-worded them, why are they not working?”

The reality is that they probably are working, but they just need more articles. Many SEO article authors who specialize in getting lots of traffic through high-search engine ranking are dead set on writing very robust key-worded and focused articles, but I would submit to you that it’s just as important to write quantity as carefully crafted and calibrated key worded articles.

One expert in the field of online article writing states; “Poorly researched keyword articles IN VOLUME will usually beat highly optimized keyword smart articles in small volume of articles…”

This is absolutely true. Of course, with that said one should get use to properly key-wording articles and think in terms of the long-tail theory when choosing them. Once you get the volume up there and create a habit of making use of good key-wording, you will see a dramatic increase in the number of viewers. My belief is that properly key wording, with matching titles is paramount.

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