Free Online Advertising – 3 Tips to Help You Write An Attractive Headline For Your Classified Ads

Getting traffic from the internet has both paid and free methods, and an effective way to get free traffic is to use free online advertising.

Thus far, the most common way to get free online advertising is to post free ads on free classified ad sites that get decent traffic from visitors who are looking for products and services that they need.

However, because of fact that posting ads on online classified sites is free, thousands of people post their free ads up there hoping to get a slice of free traffic coming to their own site.

So in order to not let visitors glance by the page and miss your ad, here are 3 tips on how you can write an attractive headline so that you can get the attention of people and not let other ads steal your traffic.

Tip 1 – Make it Short and Specific

That means you need free online advertising ads to reveal as much of your offer as possible, without being overly wordy.

So for example, instead of “Work From Your House Right Now and Earn Up to $10,000 a Month From the Comfort of Your Home”, write “Work From Home! Earn up to $10,000 a month guaranteed!”

When it’s short and specific, you’ll give the visitor much more reason to pay attention to your ad and click through to it.

Tip 2 – Use Power Words to Spice Up Your Offer

By power words, I mean words that will add impact to your headline.

Words like “secret, powerful, easy, guaranteed, fast, revealed” are words that pack more punch into your headline, giving people more of a reason to check out your free online advertising ad.

In fact, if you’ve been surfing around the web for some time now, I’m sure you’ve seen powerful ad copies that make their products sell like crazy. Observe their headlines carefully and you’ll notice them containing power words.

Do the same for your headline and you’ll see amazing results.

Tip 3 – Use Simple English

One of the biggest secrets of free online advertising is to use simple English to word your headline, which makes it easy for visitors to read your headline an click through to you.

What’s more, people with a poorer command of English that aren’t too familiar with the language will also understand your ads because you made it easy for them to read.

As you can see, free online advertising on classifieds may not cost you a dime to use, but you’ll still need to take certain steps to get it right. And the first step is to get your headline right with the 3 tips you just learnt.

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