Consumer Reports – Elliptical Ratings

A lot of print media outlets like magazines, ezines, newspapers and consumer ratings publications run tests on the best elliptical bikes or trainers, and you have access to these findings. You no longer have to buy a new or used machine blind. This article discusses the elliptical trainers that were the highest rated by people who have already purchased them.

A test was run by Consumer Reports on ellipticals that cost no more than two thousand dollars.  marketing y tế What they found was simple. If you want quality, you’re going to have to pay for it. None of the low end models were suggested as good buys.

Another test was run on the top ellipticals as far as ease on the joints. The three models that ranked the highest were the Proform 900, the Precor EFX, and the Nordictrack CXT990. Furthermore, it was found that the Proform brand was the best value for all ellipticals.

The best features on an elliptical were found on the Nordictrack models and the Precor models were found to be the most durable.

Safety and comfort tests were also run. The one that scored the highest in both of these categories was the Cardiocross Proform 800. Second place went to the Stamina Conversion II. It was a close second.

The Tunturi C6 elliptical ranked tops for convenience and ease of use. They were also highly ranked for overall fetures and performance. The Vision Fitness X6200 HRTDA.

It is a good idea to research these reports as much as possible so that you can make as informed a buying decision as possible. Purchasing any piece of workout equipment is a major investment and you don’t want to make a bad purchase.

For more information on elliptical rankings and tips on how to get the best prices, visit Elliptical Buyer’s Guide.

With the multitude of air purifier models on the market it is hard to know which ones are the most effective as well as affordable. Consumer Reports test a good range of HEPA air purifiers within a wide price range. Two of Consumer Reports best rated HEPA Air Purifiers are:

The IQ Air HealthPro. This is a more expensive model with a price range from $650 – $800. It has been rated as the absolute best unit on the market for removing allergens, viruses, bacteria, gases, volatile organic compounds, ammonias and sulfuric gas. If you or anyone in your household suffers from asthma, allergies or any type of breathing problems, then this is the machine you will want. It can clean up to a 1000 square foot room and alerts you when it needs a filter change which is basically every two to four years.
The HealthMate HM400 which is one of the models of Austin air purifiers. This machine is in the price range of $400. These are great machines that are very efficient at removing dust and pollen but reviews tell us that they are not able to remove smoke particles. The Austin Air Jr. which is a smaller, less expensive model (roughly $300) is also available.
How are the air purifiers rated? There are certain key points that are considered while an air purifier is being rated.

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