How-To on America’s Most Flexible Money-Making Opportunity

In his new book, Driving Profits and Making Bank, Jonathan Wong walks would-be rideshare drivers through what he calls, “America’s easiest and most flexible money-making opportunity.” Based upon Wong’s own experiences driving for Uber and Lyft, but also drawing upon a great deal of research into other rideshare companies as well as compatible businesses, this book is packed with everything you would ever need to know to become a rideshare driver. Honestly, I couldn’t believe how thorough this book was and all the ins and outs of the rideshare business Jonathan illuminates, plus the countless tips he offers as an experienced driver that will make your solopreneur venture all the more successful.

Yes, when you’re a rideshare driver, you’re a solopreneur. You are basically a contract worker operating your own business. That means, as Jonathan points out, that you can set your own hours, work as much or little as you want, and work for more than one rideshare company at a time if you so wish.

That said, you can also derive a lot of benefits by contracting with rideshare companies. Jonathan walks readers through how to take advantage of “surge” times-periods when it can be super-busy so you get paid more. Rideshare companies also offer bonuses for referring other drivers to them. In addition, you have a captive audience to whom you can sell your other products or services, such as if you’re a massage therapist or you want to sell tourist guides or T-shirts out of your vehicle. (One rideshare driver made over $250,000 in one year just by selling jewelry while driving.) Jonathan also walks you through the art of soft-selling to your customers so you don’t annoy them and they don’t rate you poorly on the rideshare platforms. Finally, there are the benefits of freedom-besides working your own hours, you can eat lunch whenever and wherever you want, you get to meet interesting people, and you may even discover new places in the areas where you drive.

Of course, like any job, being a rideshare driver has its downside. There are hiccups to the system that Jonathan walks you through, and he teaches you how to take advantage of working for more than one rideshare company to offset any slow times. He also gives sound advice on what to do if you have no shows, difficult passengers, such as drunks, drug-users, or belligerent people, and how to cooperate with law enforcement officers so they are your friends rather than your enemies.

I was amazed by everything there is to know if you want to be a rideshare driver. Some of what Jonathan says may be common sense, but not necessarily something you would think of before you enroll as a rideshare driver. Jonathan explains all the eligibility requirements you will have to meet and those your car will need to meet. He also explains how you can earn extra money depending on your car’s make and model and how luxurious it is. He also explains what to do if you need to use the restroom, the importance of keeping your car clean and your trunk empty, and even when you may need to contact a potential rider to determine whether the requested ride is worth your while.

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