Just Another Reason Why I Don’t Like Plastic

I started not to like plastic since I knew that it is not biodegradable. I never think that I am a true environmentalist, but I know that it’s not a good thing when you dispose material to environment, but it is very hard (or impossible) to be degraded naturally. In the end, our world is going to be a big waste bin.

Today, I delivered an Environment Talk to my colleagues about the danger of plastic. I have talked about the types of plastic before, so what I did is just continuing the previous chapter. I was quite surprise, that even for me as a speaker, there is always something new that we discover when we share some information to others.

Some plastic may contain Bisphenol A, which is a chemical used in common plastic product, such as children’s toys, baby bottles and linings of most food cans. It has serious effect to our health, such as heart disease, diabetes and liver problem. For children, the effect could be more serious since it may cause brain developmental problems and hormonal systems dysfunction.

I remember, like Freon, people used to think that plastic are very usable material, without any weakness at all. Later on, people started to realize that it has detrimental effect to our health.

Where does Bisphenol A come from? It comes from the canned foods and it may also come from some foods which are contained in certain plastic.

If you buy highly acidic foods, such as tomato sauce, you will have BPA leaching from the cans. If you use polycarbonate plastic, then you heat it up in the microwave, the plastic will break down and release BPA. Some baby bottles may also contain BPA.

So, what can we do to avoid it?

Reduce consuming canned foods. It would be much safer if you use glass containers. BPA usually contained by plastic marked with a number 7 recycling code (polycarbonate). So please don’t use plastic with this number. Plastic with a number 2 recycling code (polyethylene plastic) is much safer than polycarbonate.

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