The main problem is the artist’s

Many artists dream this dream and live it. They infuse themselves in a variety of art forms or perhaps a variety of media for making visual art in hopes of creating a  new kind of art. They search for a break-through as a result of synthesis and finding new hybrid forms. This is the artistic counterpart of scientist seeking new life forms. For artists know that art is a life source, properly pursued.

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Artist clients often are working from a “starving artist” mentality. They think it’s required to suffer for their art. They consider it virtuous to struggle along, just scraping by, barely able to pay the bills. They find it challenging to get the resources to perfect their art and realize it fully. They live a Bohemian lifestyle in lofts and slum style buildings to satisfy the expression of their art. What could be the problem in this?

The main problem is the artist’s dread, fear, or hatred for the “grubby” nature of business. You, the artist (every kind of artist), must learn to love business. This is an heretical concept to most artists.

Think about this though:how many biographical sketches of artists have you read that ended in someone else making money from stealing the artist’s work? How frequently do you hear about an artist living in poverty and someone else getting rich off their work after they die? How many writers, musicians and performing artists have you known about who got screwed in business dealings because they chose not to educate themselves? How many creative people are you familiar with who spent their lives on their art and died virtually penniless? It’s a rare artist whose life is different from this.

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