Costs to Watch Out for When Hiring a Motorhome

You can expect a motorhome holiday to be much less expensive compared to staying at a hotel or a resort. However, this does not mean that you can afford to be careless when it comes to planning the budget for motorhome hire. You have to provide for all costs which you can incur. Take a closer look at ones which hirers often miss to pay attention to.

Hire Rates for Extras

Most modern motorhomes for rent are equipped with everything which you require for comfortable  motorhome hire living from bedding and linen to kitchen utensils and appliances. These items are typically included in the rental rate. However, there are some items like child seats, GPS navigation equipment and outdoor table and chairs which not all holiday makers would like to use. That is why they are offered as extras. You have to check what extras you will require and how much they cost to rent. You must find out whether the rental rate is charged per day or per trip.

Insurance Costs

Sometimes, vehicle insurance is offered separately to motorhome hirers. If this is the case, you will have to check the size of the premium and the size of the excess fee as well. Keep in mind that the excess fee is paid only in case of a claim. If it is higher, the premium will be lower, but you have to ensure that you will afford to pay it in case an accident occurs.

Road Charges

Typically, these charges are included in the motorhome rental rate. However, in some countries, the charges are on a pay as you go basis. Such charges may apply only to certain roads. Given all this, you have to check specifically what road charges you will pay and how if you plan a trip in another country.

Relocation Fees

Most rental deals are for return trips. You will have to drop off the vehicle at the place which you got it from in the beginning. If you want to drop it off at a depot of the rental company which is in a different location, you may have to pay a relocation fee.

Cancellation Fees

Virtually all rental companies charge cancellation fees. They are usually in the form of a percentage of the daily rental rate. The later the cancellation is the higher this percentage is. You can buy travel insurance which will cover the cancellation cost in most cases.

When you have a clear idea about all motorhome hire costs, you will be able to relax and have fun.

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