The Fragile World of Webmaster and Affiliate Manager Relations

In the business world, relationships are always fragile. Even strong bonds forged over many years can be easily broken when money and livelihoods are on the line. Some of the easiest business relationships to break happen in the online world, and especially when dealing with webmaster and affiliate relations, even a minor miscommunication can be disastrous.

The relationships between an affiliate manager and a webmaster can be quite different. sobitech A webmaster is a person in charge of maintaining a website. For the sake of this article, the webmaster is the individual(s) handling your servers, hardware/software features, and ensuring that your site operates correctly.

An affiliate manager is an individual helping to manage affiliate marketing programs by assisting in generating sales, traffic and tracking purchases as well as sending commissions. In operating your own web affiliate business, you may end up dealing with both a webmaster to handle your site and an affiliate manager to help with your marketing efforts.

First up, let’s examine a few ways in which relationships can go wrong with the affiliate manager. It may not seem like it at first, but once you realize that this is a business and the affiliate manager is dealing with many affiliates, you’ll see how a small amount of effort can help avoid big problems further down the line. In fact, you’ll realize this is just common sense.

For instance, simply not giving proper respect to an affiliate manager may lead to a busted relationship in the world of online business. That being said, most affiliate managers are hoping you succeed. If you succeed, then so do they but speaking respectfully and operating above board and transparently at all times will help to ensure no one feels slighted or disrespected.

Another important thing to remember is that, as the affiliate, you’re basically a novice at the game compared to the manager. Patience is essential, and following an affiliate managers steps if suggested will work out well for everyone involved. It’s also important not to complain and not to get carried away with demanding things.

Most affiliate managers are far from fickle, but they’re also not in business to be disrespected, ignored or undermined. Treat this person like a business partner and remember that they’re working with you.

The same rules of etiquette will also apply with the webmaster. However, this relationship can be even more fragile. If there’s any miscommunication at all and something ends up on the site you don’t like or that goes sour, the webmaster is an easy target for the blame. Doing this, though, will ensure the relationship hits the rocks.

Webmasters are usually a lot more technical than affiliate managers, and conversations with them are going to be a bit different. Always remember that voicing your wants and needs in plain English is the best way to keep an open relationship. Unlike the manager, the webmaster is actually working for you instead of with you, technically, but demands still won’t be appreciated.

Any successful relationship in business needs respect and communication. If things are kept polite and open, the relationship shouldn’t experience any major bumps in the road.

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