Affiliate Marketing – Role Of Affiliate, Advertiser And Affiliate Marketing Network

Affiliate marketing is the start of a new era in the field of advertisement. Affiliate marketing has totally revolutionized the marketing concept. Earlier a company used to promote their products through their own web sites but today they buy prime space on other web sites for displaying their advertisement. linksexpert A product is advertised online by two or three persons in affiliate marketing. The first is called the advertiser, second is the affiliate and the third is network professional.


The company, which searches for web sites for promoting its product, is called an advertiser in affiliate marketing. Although it can display the advertisement on its own web site but using high traffic web sites through affiliate marketing means more customers.


The web site owner or publisher, which provides prime space on its web site for displaying advertisements to advertisers, is called an affiliate web site in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Network provider

Affiliate marketing network provider plays crucial role in affiliate marketing. He gives a common platform to both advertisers and affiliates to come together. It is his duty to maintain a cordial relationship between the two.

The advertising company may have its own web site but displaying advertisement on your own web site is not the concept of affiliate marketing. On the other hand, an affiliate should try to generate maximum volume of traffic to its web site. Only high traffic web sites are able to generate business for advertisers and money for affiliates in affiliate marketing.

Phenomena of affiliate marketing

An advertiser can search for an affiliate through many ways but the best way is to use a network. The advertisers and affiliates can join an affiliate marketing network service providing company by spending a small amount. Affiliate marketing network provider advices advertisers to display their advertisements on high volume traffic web sites. It is the affiliate marketing network, which cross-checks the traffic of an affiliate site so that the advertised product gets maximum attention. The affiliate marketing network service provider takes care that the product is advertised on relevant web site. For example if you are selling school uniforms then your advertisement should be displayed on educational web sites.

Generating revenue through affiliate marketing

When an advertisement is displayed on high volume traffic through affiliate marketing, it certainly gets response. The visitors of affiliate web site may click on advertisement, leave their contact details, sign up for a news letter, buy or show their intention to buy the product at a later date. linksexpert The affiliate gets his share according to the response and the advertiser gets probable customer for his product. We can say that the advertiser earns money by selling the product and the affiliate by response in affiliate marketing. Revenue is share between the two in affiliate marketing through the affiliate marketing network provider. Advertiser makes payment to the affiliate marketing network and the payment is further advanced to affiliate site owner. The affiliate marketing network provider keeps a close watch over the response of visitors on an advertisement. In this way affiliate marketing network is also helpful is avoiding any dispute between advertiser and the affiliate.

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