What is Important? Content Quality Or Freshness?

“Some people are under the impression that blogs are good for SEO only if they’re updated frequently. How much does frequency play into Page Rank for blogs & other dynamic sites? Isn’t the content more important than the simple number of posts per day/week?”

Now a day’s people keep taking about blogs and we think that if we want good results just jump into a blog. But is this the way how search engines also find it?

There are two different perspective involved when we are talking about the blog content.

When we talk and think about the seo dubai Blogs as user point of view we have this strong notion in mind that more the number of posts you have in your blog fresher your blog is and hence people will love to come to your blog more often. Essentially, if you post more frequently, people have more of a reason to keep coming back. That can be good for page views.

The second perspective involved is of today’s ongoing search engines. Is this true for search engines also? No search engines don’t treat it in the same manner as we user think like…Whenever you’re thinking about search engines, it’s much, much, much more important to think about the quality of content. you’ll be better off in terms of search, if you wait until you can deliver some value to a post, rather than just crank stuff out that isn’t that much different than stuff that’s already out there. This strategy is likely to attract a lot more links.

So it’s the quality of content that matters, but frequency can be a nice thing to have for the users.

But always remember CONTENT is KING, and for content its QUALITY that matters not QUANTITY.

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