Lo Han Guo – A Better Natural Sweetener

Lo Han Guo is an effective natural substitute for high-calorie or artificial sweeteners in supplements, beverages and other food products.

About the Lo Han Guo Fruit

Lo Han Guo (also known as Lo Han Kuo or Luohanguo) is the common name for the fruit Siratia grosvenorii (formerly known as Memordica grosvenori). It is a member of the melon family and is primarily grown on vines in southern China. This naturally sweet fruit is increasingly being used as a sweetener because of its many distinct characteristics.

Naturally Sweeter than Sucrose

Lo Han Guo’s sweetness comes primarily from its mogrosides (a group of terpene glycosides) that are approximately 250 times sweeter by weight than sucrose. The mogrosides are commonly extracted from the fruit by water and then processed into a powder form that is readily usable as a natural sweetener for commercial or consumer usage.

Benefits of Lo Han Guo

* Zero Calories: Our digestive system does not metabolize mogrosides so Lo Han Guo is considered non-caloric.

* Zero Glycemic Impact: Safe for use by diabetics and hypoglycemics, this natural sweetener will not elevate insulin levels and may have an antihyperglycemic effect via the inhibition of maltase.

* Weight Management: Can be used as a natural substitute for high-calorie sweeteners such as sucrose and high fructose corn syrup.

Proven History

Dried Lo Han Guo fruit has been used as a medicinal herb and natural sweetener in China for several centuries. As a medicinal herb, it is commonly used to treat respiratory ailments.

It has been approved as a high-intensity sweetening agent in Japan and the US FDA approved its usage in juice-containing beverages in May 2002. It is also used in drink supplements to enhance their taste and appeal.

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