The Role of a Webmaster in Your Internet Business

I am sure you know there are an awful lot of programs out there all promoting and promising you will make money online by joining their affiliated venture.

However, before you even think about any one particular site and what it promises, please take heed, I noticed nearly every online money making venture I looked at, in my opinion, had a huge disadvantage.

Being the constant SCREAMING at you, justmyfitness exhorting you to part with money and join their guaranteed online money making schemes without actually telling you anything. I am sure you agree with me that this is very jarring, irritating and a downright insult to your intelligence. I proceeded to do exactly what I am sure most of you would do and instantly moved on, and on, and on, and so on.

[Compare these sites to commercial television. I refuse to watch live commercial television in that the advertising is never ending, is an invasion to my being and an assault on my ears as the volume always increases for the advertising. If a particularly good show is on, I will record and watch it later, obviously fast forwarding through these vexing advertisements].

Perhaps all these webmasters will one day learn that sensible people [like us of course] do not want to be yelled at from great heights or be insulted. Give us all a break, Mr. Webmaster, take your horrible CAPITOLS and insane promises with your money making opportunities and disappear!

Anyhow, once I had finally eliminated all the above annoying sites, I decided to join a sensible programme as an affiliate, the next operation was to actually join, everybody seems to call this Taking Action.

Despite the soul searching, panic of how I will go, will I go broke setting this up, is my total lack of knowledge with computers going to be a dilemma, will they live up to their promises, I duly Took Action.

One of the reasons why I joined this particular program is that it automatically made you an affiliate with 5 different programs, all separate sources of income.

Each one of these affiliated programs is well known and respected in its own right, so you know you will not be caught in between a rock and a hard place when you are looking for assistance.

The name of this programme, PluginProfits.

To finish this story, I honestly hope that certain webmasters take some note of the above comments. We, as potential clients, are shying away from the blatant, gaudy and poor taste that so many of you use. I am sure you are all very technically proficient but please, tone it down and be realistic, your reputation will improve dramatically producing a bigger clientele.

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