5 WordPress Plugins That Every Webmaster Needs

When designing a WordPress website, it is essential to have top quality plugins for it. Plugins can bring additional features to your website by simply installing them with a few clicks of the mouse in your admin controls page. Out of all the plugins out there, five of them stand out as being the best plugins around. The very first being the “All in One SEO Pack.” This is a plugin that gives you all the necessary tools to optimize your website for internet search engines, particularly Google. It allows you to easily webmastershall edit the Meta Tags on all your webpages, so that your keyword tags will be searchable on Google. It also has built in Google Analytics coding, so that all you have to do is type in your Analytics ID in the admin controls to get tracking installed.

Now, over the years there have been many new plugins introduced that have more SEO power than before. A newer SEO plugin, called “Yoast SEO,” has more features than the All in One SEO Pack. Yoast SEO has a video SEO module that allows you to optimize your website’s videos, so they can be searchable in Google. There is also a local SEO module that is useful for people who have their business on Google Maps and want to compete with other local businesses in their area. Different people are comfortable with different plugins, so if the All in One SEO Pack isn’t working out for you then you should try Yoast SEO.

Along with an SEO pack, you will also want the Google XML Sitemaps plugin installed as well. This plug allows you to create a sitemap for your website that has all of your webpages mapped out and linked from a single page. This is useful if you are going to submit your website to RSS feeds. You can also get this sitemap indexed from your Google Webmaster Tools page. All you have to do is provide the link to the XML page that contains your sitemap on it. Then Google will scan that sitemap and index every page that is listed on it.

You will find the most useful plugins for WordPress are the ones related to search engine optimization and getting traffic to your website. There is a plugin called “SEO Friendly Images” that actually lets you edit the TITLE and ALT attributes of your website’s images. These attributes are important when optimizing your website because it lets people find your images when they are searching on Google. Then if they find your images, they will find your website because the images are connected to it. This is a method of optimization that few webmasters know about.

Finally, the Akismet plugin is very popular. In fact, it is so popular that it is automatically included with every installation of WordPress. This is a plugin that checks for spam in your blog comments. After all, WordPress was originally intended for people to make blog websites with and so comments may show up if you have not disabled them. Akismet will notify the webmaster of all the comments that need to be reviewed if they are suspicious or look like spam. This is critical because if your website has a lot of spam comments then Google might think of it as duplicate content and then your website will be removed from the search engine. You must make sure you have unique web content as well as unique comments or else this will happen to you.

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