Three Ways to Improve Your Local Search Marketing Strategy

When outlining a total online marketing strategy, it’s essential to understand the importance of local search marketing in your overall plan. Most search engines now prominently display local results in response to a general keyword search; these are generally targeted based on IP address. Because this targeting is invisible and seamless, it requires no special effort on the part of the end user, making it especially effective in driving business to your site and ensuring better click-through rates. Your Local News While each company is different, there are certain guidelines that will enhance your local online marketing efforts.

Provide useful information

The importance of informative, well-written content for your marketing effort cannot be overemphasized. Consumers are searching for definitive information on their chosen subject; if your site provides that information, they are more likely to select your company for their needs. Ensure that your site has a streamlined, professional appearance. This means no spelling or grammatical errors; first impressions count online as well as in person. Providing accurate, detailed information to your potential customers can enhance your branding efforts and showcase your company’s product or service.

Add local flavor

Including some regional information gives your online marketing efforts an advantage over more generic offerings. While detailed information about your geographical area is not necessary or even desirable, a brief mention of local attractions can position your site as the home-town alternative to large corporate entities. Just as in face-to-face marketing, the personal touch helps your online marketing site stand out from the crowd.

Stay current

Update your site regularly, removing obsolete information and adding new content. Incorporating local news items into your site can result in its inclusion in several categories of Google Universal Search; generally, it’s desirable to appear in as many different categories as possible in order to reach the widest possible audience. Providing current and topical information to customers can result in an improved click-through rate and increased business for your company.

A comprehensive online local marketing effort can provide your company with increased name recognition and consequent improved sales. By understanding how Google Universal Search and other search engines categorize and display information, you can tailor your marketing campaign to achieve the best results for your business.

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