Lost Boy in a Known Crowd

Being an Indian teenager, belonging to a lower middle class family and living in a society of a whole new big and developing cities are the obvious symptoms for your mind to get lost in the big crowd of the unknowns. Wait!!! are you thinking of the crowds of the well known market place. Well if you are guessing that, then you might get afraid I am not talking about those fish markets or the lavish malls. Its about being a soldier of an unknown army who promises you to conquer a seat in a IIT [if you are incapable of even getting 90% in your boards] and in the minimum case, be able to win over a rank in the JEE(mains) [even if you are in capable of securing the required marks to get in the CFTIs]. Yes that’s absolutely true. I being an early teenager had a huge dream of being a driver in the F1. But as the symptoms are, its quiet truthful of getting discouraged by the family members. If not, then ending up getting seviourly injured psychologically by the usual sharp weapons commonly found in the families in which I grew[ arrows dipped in poisonous fluid of emotion and tragedy of being the poor and bows being the mouth of the parents]. If still the child has a good hold on his aim, then the wheel of his car is heavily steered onto the direction in which there are no signs of being a hero of his life. As the case goes I was too an ant of a coaching institute(B*@#*&$#@&^#S) trying very hard to come up to the expectations to meet the demands of the society of being a responsible Indian citizen. ( WHERE I COULDN’T FIND ANY HINT OF BEING A RACER ).I have encountered a boy with such a case. It was very difficult for the boy to cope up with the world he had never imagined of which eventually turned to be the most devastating years of his life.

As the time passed, he somehow survived, came up to the shores, wiped down his tears, healed his injuries and prepared to flow along the flood of the human race of expectations. As the demand goes he got a seat in an university with a SCHOLARSHIP (a real big deal for his family) and ready to take on the world. Still having his dreams and desires thrown crushed at a corner of his heart but with a new perspective to challenge the humans who did not show up their humane, with a new vision to prove the people wrong who said these very words “This boy would be a way more looser than his father is right now”, with a new madness, intensity and a heart full of obsession.


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