Curb Appeal is What Sells Your Home Faster

The most important factor in making the first impression on a prospective buyer of a home is described in two words – “Curb Appeal”. Unquestionably a buyer is attracted by the outside look of the building, to look inside later. More than 70 to 80% of prospects, either driving in person through your street or flipping the pages of photos of a web-page, get hooked by the “Curb Appeal” of a home for sale and get the itching to look in further.

It follows therefore, however beautiful, spacious, colored pleasingly, clutter-free, and inviting your Seven Cities Virginia interior of the home might be, if you fail to add the most necessitated “Curb Appeal”, you tend to lose that prospective buyer. That said, mere “Curb Appeal” alone would not be enough to make the buyer decide on buying the home. The first attraction should be sustained further, when the buyer goes round the home and all the other factors explained above, strengthen the overall satisfaction.

It is here the help of a professional Home Staging service comes into the picture. Imagine the situation that you are a home seller in any of the housing markets of US – for instance Suffolk, Virginia. Suffolk is an independent city located in the Hampton Roads metropolitan area of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

It is the largest of the Seven Cities of Hampton Roads by area and the largest independent city in land-area in the entire Commonwealth. As per 2007 estimates, Suffolk has a population of 81,332, the smallest population of all the seven cities.

As on date there are 1,182 homes listed for sale and this is excluding another 142 homes listed under “distress sale” properties of foreclosure in Suffolk city. As you know, the present housing markets of the US country are plagued by the foreclosure crisis and home selling has become a daunting experience, amidst the present competition.

So what you do? It goes without saying that if you want your home to compete against the ones already listed and waiting for buyers, you have to adopt a prudent strategy of staging your home appropriately, with the help of an accredited Home Staging professional.

By experience of staging many homes like yours in the past and handling assorted home buyers with different tastes, the Home Staging professional knows how to make your home gets that all-important “Curb Appeal”; decorate the interior room by room; clear the clutter and unwanted personal paraphernalia; add pep to the whole look of the interior by magnifying the existing advantages and reducing, if not totally eliminating, the disadvantages of your home, from the view point of the prospective buyer.

What is that you are going to achieve? Well – actually a lot – before listing the home for sale, you stage your home as explained above; make your home stand out from the crowd and competition; fix the asking price in consultation with your selling agent, who will be very happy to take up the assignment as he gets a “perfect home” for sale with no problem in finding a buyer; sell your home faster; and count the currency of sale proceeds to the envy of your neighbors.

And remember – all these in a simple and inexpensive way of “Home Staging”. For more details and a Free Tips for staging your home, go to

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