Weight Loss Is An All Round Benefit To Diabetics

Most people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes are overweight. For someone with Type 2 diabetes, keeping a healthy weight is sometimes difficult. Adding to this is the fact maintaining a healthy weight is good for the disease, as well as the other benefits the body can derive from a balanced diet. That’s why losing weight is important if you have Type 2 diabetes. Treating this form of diabetes with weight loss is a really good idea, but you want to lose fat, not muscle.

When a Type 2 diabetic loses weight, their body has the ability to go through some amazing changes.¬†First is the effect it has on insulin. The problem is many Type 2 individuals are overweight. For these people, the excess fat works against the body by raising insulin resistance, or the body’s ability to use its supply of insulin properly. When a person with insulin resistance loses weight, the body utilizes its insulin supply much more effectively. This translates into better glucose management.

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