How To Get Your Presentation Top Favorited Online – Part 2

At BuyAPresentation, we post presentations online regularly. We frequently get featured on AuthorSTREAM and Slideshare a few times and have won a presentation contest on Slideshare. Very few presentations actually make it to the top favourtied. So, we analyzed the top presentations online averaging over 3000 favorites and here are the results on what audience online like and conclusions on how to make your next presentation top favorited in terms of Structure and components:

Structure: Clear story

All presentations use a clear send top up to Philippines and simple structure. They are designed for reading online and are complete in themselves i.e. can be understood without a presenter. A typical structure used is as follows:

· Agenda or Introduction to topic
· Definition
· Current situation with examples
· Reasons why it is important to change / know the information
· 3 to 5 clear Guidelines with examples
· Summary or Conclusion

This structure makes it easy to read the presentation right through and understand why it is posted. The clear rules and statistics probably make the presentation useful enough to be shared with others readers.

Components: Quotes, Statistics, Examples, some humor and engagement

All presentations have these components – quotes from consumers, authority figures, statistics (even if they are approximations), examples that can be verified and some element of humor through pictures. Some presentations try to incorporate some amount of interaction and engagement by addressing the audience, for example, “Did you know…” or “Here is a quiz..”

Some other things to think about:

· Ratio of views to favorites: Around 0.6% of people who view the presentation mark the presentation as favourties. So the trick is to first get enough people to visit and share the presentation. Most of these presentations are very popular on Twitter, Facebook, Buzz and are embedded in hundreds of other sites.

· Should it be Downloadable: If you are wondering if your presentation should be marked downloadable to be more popular, it is not required. 2 of top 5 presentations are not allowed for download.

· Takes time and repetition: All the presentations evaluated have been around for a while – 1 to 4 years. Many have multiple presentations by the same author on almost same topic.

Source for top presentations: – all time favorites including: Brand Gap,,Death by PowerPOint,Social Media,What The F**k is Social Media,Shift Happens,Brain Rules for Presenters,The Real Life Social Network,Visual and Creative Thinking,Steal this presentation,All About Google

This article is authored by Arte Ranganathan. The author has over a decade of experience and currently focuses on training and presenting through Metamorph Training. She owns the website BuyAPresentation that is dedicated to helping business presenters make more professional and insightful presentations in less time. You can visit the website [] to download free eBook for Presenters changing the way you present by 180 Degrees.



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