Bingo Bonus

In order to attract more people to play the game of bingo, the sites come up various attractive bonuses so that people would play the game even more as they are attracted to what is being offered. Just like everything else a person also needs to know various things about the Bingo Bonus that you may get while play bingo.

1. Regardless of the bonus amount which is given away various bingo sites pay the same amount of winnings. Mostly site pay close to around 70% on the real cash which means on the card by card basis the more money on the line, the payout per card on an average is much lower. It would not hurt you as you still have the chance to get yourself more cards and it is not necessary that you would get the same bonus as everyone else.

2. The money received in the bonus cannot be redeemed through cash as winnings, deposits and bones money is treated separately. The winnings are spent first then the deposit and lastly the bonus. There are many sites where the deposits may not be redeemable.

3. When you redeem your earnings, you may lose some or a small portion of your bonus this is practiced in all or many sites. This is done by a lot of sites especially if a person decides to redeem his winnings.

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