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Blogs that are hosted on your website make great marketing tools. You can create a blog on a third-party site, but that can limit your ability to add Google advertising to your entries and it gives the visitors one more hoop to jump to actually land on your website. You will also be limited in the types of affiliate advertising you can do if the blog is not hosted on your own domain and website.

If you have a website and want to add a blog, you can do it with products like This is a free product that allows you to add a blog to your site if you have the right platform. You can always check with your web host too, to see if they have a way to add a blog to your site.

So, when you build a website, you can build it just to have a sales page that leads directly to your products or you can build a more robust site with some content. A blog can provide the perfect foil for sales offers because you can market it as informational and the Google search engine will see content on your site, ranking it higher in search results and thus bringing more traffic.

Of course, a blog is not much good if no one reads it. So, you will have to market the blog as much as you market your products, so as to bring in visitors. You can do this by making your blog easy to bookmark with the bigger portals like Technorati, Digg, Stumbleupon, and more. See the Resource section for some good tools to help you market your blog on the Online for a wider exposure. This includes adding information about your blog and website into relevant Online directories. As with anything on the Online, you want to set it up to be automatic so that when you publish a blog post, your subscribers are notified and major news feeds are updated.

#5 – This blog is run by Tamar Weinberg, a social media consultant and techie geek. She Metro Blog Online  truly has some information worth hunting down, and her blog is an amazing resource. One of her recent posts was “How to Create the Perfect Fan Page.” Now who in social media wouldn’t want to know info like that? For free? She is a freelance writer and author of The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web, who specializes in social media consulting and strategy, blogger outreach, reputation management, and search engine marketing (SEO, link building, and Pay Per Click Marketing). If you’re interested in social media, you should be checking out her blog.

#6 – Another invaluable blog made up of superstars. Each member of this community is a well-known authority or upcoming figure in their own respective fields, and they all share a passion and thoroughly developed understanding on social media. So thinking collectively, they created Collective Thoughts, a place to share their fantastic knowledge.

#7 – Brian is a pioneer as he brings his own unique view to the world of social networking. He takes both approaches of traditional marketing and social media and meshes them together to create one heck of a powerful marketing machine. This blog made the top 1.5% of all blogs tracked by Technorati-which means it really is worth checking out!




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