Maqui Berry – The Ultimate Natural Supplement

Maqui berry is a special berry, which is deep purple in color, grows in remote region of Patagonia. This region located in southern South America and it is one of the most unpolluted places on earth. Several tribal people have been using different parts (fruits, leaves, and stem) of this plant as medicine to cure various ailments. Among various parts used, the berry seems to have more antioxidant properties.

The Medicinal Properties of Maqui Berry
Maqui berry seems to have various medicinal properties such as anti-aging, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and anti-cyclooxygenase-2 (anti-cox-2). The active principles of this berry are anthocyanins, which safeguards low density lipoproteins (also known as LDL) from oxidation, abridge inflammation, and keep our cells away from oxidative stress. Natural Supplement Ingredient Manufacturer Various researches reveal that native Mapuche Indians, native of Patagonia, have used these berries to ameliorate stamina and strength. They have also used these berries to treat various ailments such as childbirth, diarrhea, fever, hemorrhoids, sore throat, tumors, and ulcers.

You can consume maqui berry in form of juice, which is now utilized as an ingredient in various health drinks available in the market. These berries seem to have the highest level of antioxidant than fruits. The antioxidant level of this berry is more or less three times higher than the antioxidant level of acai berries. These berries are also used to make medicated wine.

The anthocyanins present in maqui berries are responsible for counteracting the enzymes that destruct connective tissue, forbidding oxidants from destroying connective tissue, and repairing the damaged proteins present in the walls of the blood vessels. They maintain salubrious blood sugar level. They play key role in fighting against allergic reactions and meliorating capillary permeability. People believe that these berries seem to improve cardiovascular health by protecting blood vessels and LDL from oxidative damage. In addition, these berries seem to improve eyesight!

Many maqui berry dietary supplements are available in the market. The manufacturers of these supplements claim that their supplements have anti-aging properties. In addition, they increase the energy levels of the body, maintain healthy heart, meliorate immune system, and support healthy weight loss. By considering the weight-loss properties of these dietary supplements, soon these supplements will become the superior weight-loss dietary supplement in the world. Mapuche Indians have used the maqui berry as a traditional food; however, it has aroused as one of the best super-foods in Western market.

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