Learn Spanish Fast – 6 Tips to Improve Your Spanish Learning

Learning Spanish can be seen by many as a very difficult task due to their large difference in pronunciation compare to English. However, as with any language, the learning process is about perseverance, genuine desire to learn, but most of all, is about knowing the right strategies to use. Therefore, in this article we’ll see some tips to improve your Spanish learning process so you can start seeing a faster progress. If you apply these tips you’ll have a  Spanish Magazine greater advantage over those who just follow the line of traditional learning.

What to do in order to improve my Spanish language learning? A few advices:

1. Watch movies with subtitles and audio in Spanish

Using audio and visual methods is an excellent strategy. It’s therefore advisable to rent a couple of films in Spanish and begin to see them with their original audio plus subtitles in Spanish as well. Although you may not initially understand anything, this exercise will help your ear to get familiar with the pronunciation of words and phrases.

2. Sing songs in Spanish and read the lyrics while you do it

Everyone loves music. Therefore, a way to relax and learn in the process is to start listening to songs of interpreters in Spanish, have at hand the lyrics of the songs and begin to imitate the pronunciation and rhythm of the melodies. This can help you tremendously because you’ll be surprise to find later that you have a better pronunciation in Spanish in no time.

3. Think in Spanish

A big mistake made when learning Spanish is that in order to express ourselves verbally, we first think in English what we want to say and then we mentally translate it into Spanish before saying it. This is a big mistake because it doesn’t allow your brain to get completely familiar with the language. Although it may seem difficult at first, try to think what you want to say directly in Spanish in your head. And instead of translating sentences, focus on organizing your ideas and words. By following this over time, you’ll see your speaking speed be immensely faster.

4. Find conversation groups

Find groups preferably with native Spanish-speaking people only, as this will gradually help you to adapt faster on their accent and way of speaking. A disadvantage of being surrounded by students that are learning Spanish at the same level as you are it’s that their pronunciation errors are going to affect you consciously or unconsciously.

5. Translate what interest you the most

Begin to translate words related to hobbies or interests that you have. It is a great way to increase your vocabulary. You can also translate phrases like the ones you constantly telling to your friends or that you use the most in your daily life. A concrete example may be to translate whole articles from magazines that you liked in the past.

6. Find your passion

Defining exactly what’s the main reason that drives you to learn Spanish, is the key to success. No matter what activity is, you always need a strong motivation to keep going and complete the task. Learning Spanish is not different. You have to be clear about the reasons why you want to learn Spanish (because those reasons will motivate you to do it successfully)

Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world and by learn it properly it’ll give you many opportunities throughout your life. With these six tips now you know new ways to improve your Spanish skills. Remember that achieving everything in life depends on yourself and if you keep your pace of learning you’ll be soon speaking an excellent and fluent Spanish.



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